During the first years after the war the enterprises of Goznak worked hard upon an important state order preparation for the Currency Reform of 1947 was under way.

To increase the industrial areas necessary for the fulfillment of the Governments task, Goznak received a part of the printing and publishing integrated works of General Directorate of geodesics and cartography in 1946. Orlovs and intaglio printing machines and other equipment necessary for the banknote production were installed in these workshops.

The highly qualified team of cartographers managed to master the new production profile very soon and got into the swing of things of executing the program of production of banknotes of the new model. 77 qualified workers and 24 engineers and technical specialists printers, sorters and controllers, masters, technicians - were sent here from the enterprises of Goznak, in particular, from the Moscow Printing Factory. At the same time 200 young employees were recruited to be trained on site.

It was the new enterprise founded on July 26, 1946 Printing Works named after Molotov of the Directorate of Goznak of the Ministry of Finance of the USSR that was later called the Moscow Printing Works of Goznak.

Taking part in the execution of the Governments order for the production of banknotes, the Printing Works mastered the issue of public bonds, travelers checks, state documents as well as atlases and geographical maps.

The maps of the Marine Atlas produced at the Moscow Printing Works of Goznak were highly praised in March 1949. Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the marine forces, chief editor of the Marine Atlas, Professor, Admiral of the Fleet I.S. Isakov in his letter to A.G. Zverev, Minister of Finance wrote The maps printed at the Printing Works of Goznak exceed in quality the maps of the Great Soviet Atlas of the World which has been the best cartographic work both in our country and abroad until lately.

In 1954 the Moscow Printing Works of Goznak started the production of stamped artistic envelopes and greeting cards for the Ministry of Communications.

In the 1950s the manufacture of artistic reproductions on leather-cloth (special cloth imitating the canvas structure) was mastered; it enabled to reproduce paintings in high quality.

In 1957 the Moscow Printing Works of Goznak presented samples of artistic reproductions at the All-Union Exhibition of Books, Graphics and Posters. The Moscow Printing Works of Goznak was awarded with the Diploma of the 1st Degree for this work. Employees of the Printing Works also received diplomas: Head Engineer A.O. Babakhanov, engineer RR.I. Malogolovkina, Head of a Workshop A.G. Ugarov.

In 1957 the Moscow Printing Works of Goznak printed lottery tickets under the order of the Ministries of Finance of the union republics.

At the Book Art Exhibition in Leipzig in 1959 the Album of reproductions of works of Palekh artists produced at the Moscow Printing Works of Goznak in 1958 received the gold medal. Chalk-coated paper for multi-ink offset printing was applied for the Album production for the first time. At the same Exhibition in Leipzig Atlas of Human Anatomy produced at the Moscow Printing Works of Goznak was awarded with the silver medal for the printing art.

In 1962 during the replacement of outdated and worn-out equipment new offset printing machines, copying, sewing, sheet-counting and other machines were installed at the Printing Works.

At the beginning of the 1960s the Printing Works started the production of military, trade union and komsomol cards as well as school documents. In 1964 the Moscow Printing Works of Goznak mastered the production of cards with the images of cosmonauts and cinema actors. The Printing Works produced a souvenir album Pilot-Cosmonauts of the USSR and souvenir editions of postal cards.

One of the best products Fairy-Tales illustrated by Ivan Bilibin was manufactured. It was a re-edition of the Russian fairy-tales issued at the Expedition of Storing State Papers with the text adapted for the modern readers. The fairy-tales were published not only in Russian, but also in a few foreign languages. In those years high-quality editions on calico, a gift edition of A.S. Pushkins poem Ruslan and Liudmila and many others were published.

In 1966 new machines for the production of the book lottery tickets were installed at the Moscow Printing Works of Goznak.

Since the end of the 1970s and till the end of the 1980s the Moscow Printing Works of Goznak manufactured special products for export.

At the beginning of the 1980s the Moscow Printing Works mastered the production of tickets of the instant lottery sprint and started to produce tickets of Sportloto lottery. The first in the Soviet Union machine HeidelBerg Speed Master sheet offset printing machine was purchased. It was equipped with an additional unit of number application. The park of printing machines was supplemented with a flat-bed printing machine PD5, sheet counting and other machines.

The production retrofitting was accomplished in 1985.

The following was achieved:

  • The technology of number printing on lottery tickets with inks penetrating into the paper;
  • Packing of lottery tickets into heat-shrink film;
  • The technology of creating highly glossy products and production of lottery tickets with simultaneous number printing;
  • The replacement of binding cloths with leather-cloth on the paper basis for the production of a number of products;
  • Changes into the construction of the device gluing canvas to paper were introduced.

During the difficult period of transfer to the market relations the Moscow Printing Works managed to preserve the professionally trained team, create conditions for the productive labour, and provide the necessary use of production capacities.

A united printing workshop was created on the basis of two printing workshops. In those years the Printing Works carried out a number of important state tasks: press-runs of vouchers, treasury obligations, special-purpose loans, products of the Central Bank as well as food cards for Moscow were printed.

Starting with 2000, thanks to mastering the web technology, the Printing Works successfully accomplished the program of manufacturing regional special stamps for marking alcohol products under the orders of the Department of consumer market and services of Moscow: over 2 billion stamps were produced in 2001 2005. During the year 2000 the Printing Works executed 480 orders for the production of special charge stamps, certificates for currency valuables export, bonds, shares, certificates, promissory notes, school and Civil Registry Office documents etc.

In June 2003 the Printing Works started the production of compulsory civil liability motor-vehicle insurance policies for the realization of the state program. The equipment purchased for the order execution enabled the Enterprise to print products for Sberbank, forms of transit customs declarations and other multi-layer products too.

In 2005 the Printing Works started the production of the new model of federal special and excise stamps for alcohol product marking.

The Moscow Printing Works of Goznak celebrated its 60th anniversary being a Branch of Goznak.

In 2007 the Printing Works was redesigned for working using the web technology. a number of divisions and personnel capacity optimization were carried out for this purpose.

A most important innovative project of Goznak has been developed on the basis of the Moscow Printing Works during the last few years. It is creation and industrialization of the Multifunctional Center of Personalization of documents with the electronic data carrier an important segment of the state system of production, forming and control of passport and visa documents of the new generation.

Since 2011 the Moscow Printing Works Branch of Goznak has been issuing travel passports of the citizens of the Russian Federation and other identification documents electronic policies of obligatory medical insurance, universal electronic cards.

In 2012 the Multifunctional Center of Personalization was successfully certified for its conformance to the requirements and standards of MasterCard in physical and logical security. Thus Goznak received the right to provide services of bank card personalization. Goznak had previously certified the infrastructure of production of bank card forms according to the requirements of MasterCard and Visa international payment systems.

In 2012 Goznak enlarged the spectrum of its activity directions with services of electronic data processing and storing organized on the basis of the Moscow Printing Works.

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