The Moscow Printing Works – Branch of Goznak is equipped with modern machinery and cutting-edge technologies enabling it to produce security printed products at the high quality level and personalize identification documents of the new generation.

Today the basis of the material and technical foundation of the printing production of the Printing Works consists of:

A high-speed web collator is designed for the manufacture of ticket and form products in two streams with automated video control of correctness of layer selection and pile formation of products of the pre-set quantity. The collator is equipped with systems of fractional and transversal gluing, numbering units for the number application and a crimp-lock system.

A web printing machine is designed for the production of labels and security papers. It is possible to carry out rigiflex packaging and work with self-adhesive, self-copying and offset paper using this machine. Paper with various security kinds (watermarks, security thread etc.) is applied. It is possible to carry out punching and perforation (transport, longitudinal and transversal), numbering, die cutting, waste removal and cutting into sheets using the equipment.

A machine providing longitudinal cutting and winding of the paper web.

A winding and cutting machine is applied at the Printing Works for longitudinal cutting, check and winding into webs of material from the full working unwinding roll. The machine is equipped with the inkjet printing system providing an effective and universal solution of printed product personalization with an opportunity of numbering, printing of graphics, bar codes and addressing information. It is a high-speed mobile unit for rewinding, longitudinal cutting, inspection and quality control of the web.

The Basis of the Multifunctional Personalization Center created on the basis of the Moscow Printing Works consists of personalization lines designed for personalization of intellectual cards.

The flexible module construction of the lines makes it possible to adopt the equipment to any kind of personalization tasks: chip encoding, initialization, personalization; magnetic strip encoding; laser engraving; thermal transfer printing; control with the help of a video system; printing with thermal dye sublimation; embossing.

The construction flexibility is based upon the standardized technological modules that can be integrated or adjusted to SCOPE 5400 line in accordance with separate production tasks.

Another personalization line represents a laser engraving system providing laser personalization of the plastic page of ID-3 document form, namely the application of the main photo; the holder’s signature; personal data; personal data in the machine-readable area; an additional raster (half-tone) photo.

The line is equipped with a video control system checking the existence and quality of laser engraving.

The Moscow Printing Works has perfect inserting equipment which is a regulated production system for automated processing of mailing units with plastic cards of ISO 7810/7816 standard. The computer-driven control system guarantees the correct matching of the card and the carrier. The cards are fed with the chosen feeding device by turns and are read with the application of a reading device (a magnetic strip, a chip, a bar code or OCRAB).

The system is based on three functional groups: cards and carriers; carrier printing; folding and inserting.

A machine with a built-in control system operates at the Printing Works. It manages the whole printing applied to forms. The printing control system fills the corresponding designs/drawings with transient data from the data bank, has a feeding unit with separate sheet feeding, a transfer unit with a built-in bar code reading device.

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